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My gig Impressions & click on ranked but did not get order What need to do?

Hello, I created my gig and its regularly ranking up. but i did not get order since last 6 month . So dear
experienced Fiverr employershelp me out that what need to do me right now ??
I done my first job but my client did not know how to give a ratting (he said to me he don’t know about it) and i cant get any positive ratting
my gig link-


First: NEVER discuss reviews with a buyer. Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said
Second: We on the forums are merely buyers and sellers like you, not employees of Fiverr.
Third: You are competing with 191,378 other gigs.
Forth: Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:

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First of allThanks a lot .
Ans 01: I did not discuss with a buyer about reviews. we was friendly he like my work and he appropriate me on message then i said to him approach me this comment as a review but he was unable to do it.
Ans 02 : i was see the social media profile status for each freelance work at Fiverr . That why i mean a seller like a employer.
Ans 03 : yes i now that why i need subjugation how i can improving my gig on font page
Ans 04 : This link was very impassive to me . And i got my point what need to do next .
Thank you Again

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That is discussing a review.
It’s in the ToS, and you risk getting an account warning.


Thanks for your kind information.
I hope i will never do this again .
And thanks that it was ago 6 month i was with my client and don’t get warning for it at all .
Is it can be harmful to my account now ??

… there is no easy answer to this.
Yes, it’s potentially harmful, but as long as you never break another rule, then it’s unlikely to be harmful.

It’s hard to know everything in the ToS, the Community Standards, the Privacy Policy, and everything in both the Buyer and Seller help center. That’s why critical thinking skills and business ethics are important.


Thanks you . I just start to read Fiverr policy.
I thing that if i change my gig Images Is it Lost rank ?

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

With as much competition as you’re facing, you should focus on making your gigs understandable, and market yourself off the platform.


Thanks you I got my answer.Have a good day