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My GIG Impressions dropped way down


Hi all,
I recently noticed a gradual decrease in my gig stats (impressions, views, clicks…). For the first month I said that this is OK, but it still keeping in decreasing, in best cases I get 5 views/daily.
I’m not really sure what happened, I even searched for my gig to see its ranking but I couldn’t find it in gigs listing :weary:
I might have late delivery twice but I kept my rating and response rate good.
Thanks in advance


normal ya elyes kolna kifkif , maho el new algo de5l ba3tho chwya ,estaneha echhar e5er ta tarja3 kima el 3ada :wink:


Nchallah ya sa7bi, 3andi chahrin nestanna fiha tarja3 kil3ada :sweat_smile:
ema mak ta3raf m3ammal 3la rabbi w fiverr :wink:


Btn, keep up the good work bro :thumbsup:


Thank you :slight_smile: , by the way you can use buyer request section to drive views and buyers to your Gig , or promote your gig on social networks ,once you drive outsider traffic, your Gig listing will go up , I tried it before and it works, anyway good luck !


Sure I’ll try it again, the problem it was very good before, good luck for you too :slight_smile: