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My Gig impressions/views/clicks got absolutely demolished!


I created my Fiverr account in November of 2019, and within a week of my account creation, I got my first order. Things started getting smoother and smoother and I was so happy.
Within a few months, I saw myself rising up to the Level 2 standard. I used to receive messages and orders from new buyers on a regular basis.

My best selling Gig used to have daily impressions ranging from 1000 to 1500.

However, about 2 months ago, my daily Impressions suddenly went down to less than 100. In the course of the next week, things got even worse and my daily impressions fell down to around 10.

I searched on the Forums and found out that Gigs often lose impressions but come out on top after a couple of weeks. So, I decided to wait for a few weeks to see if my Gig comes back up – but it didn’t.

It’s been more than 2 months now since my best gig gets daily impressions of around 10. I have more than 150 reviews on the Gig and my average rating is 5 stars.

I get only a few orders from my old satisfied buyers, but absolutely no new messages and orders from new buyers.

I tried contacting customer support, but it’s been more than a month since I messaged them but still haven’t got any response.

I’d really love your humble opinion on what I should do to get my gig back up to the top.

Thank you.


Same problem faced… need some help to get out of the situation

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Same here…keep edit your gigs and waiting…keep edit

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A lot of people are going through the same situation, this was the result of Fiverr updating the website and changing how buyers find sellers without telling us. Please read the following threads:


I didn’t have any orders after opening the gig?

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