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My Gig Improvements

Hi Everyone
I am not getting Impression on my gig from many days .When i created my gig impression,views ,and clicks are good and i got 2 order also .I completed the order successfully .But now only 1 or 2 impressions Daily .
Anyone Help me in this Regard.


Are you taking the time to research your target customers, and market and promote your gig to those who need your services?

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I am doing all these . I am also getting orders but not the gig impressions ,Views and Clicks

@jessica236 share your gig on social media after every two days and check your gig on fiverr when your account logout or any other device,
i also do same .

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@jessica236 in start my gig impression was going very low then i do same
to increase my gigs impression, click, and views.

@ssajidsharif I will try as you asked may be this will helpful for me

For how long have your impressions been dropping?

Sometimes your search position can fluctuate.

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I have published new gig first 2 days i got the good impression and order also but after that impressions are dropping

try to write at least 10 cover letters to clients. Always try to understand what services they want. If you hit the point thats it, they will reply.


@jessica236 gig title also matter like this problem please check your gig title.

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Please check my gigs and if need any improvement .Kindly help me

Please check my gigs If need any improvement kindly tell me

nice gig and best wishes for you.

advertise and share your gigs on social media and paid advertising is great way to do it !
you’ll get very good results with google adwords and facebook instagram etc

at final you should contact fiverr customer support they will help you