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My gig in first search page but not getting sales. Suggest me to get sales

My gig is in first search page of “Divi theme customization” but not getting sales.

#What can I do? I feel worry. I always try to be active as a new seller. But not getting any results. Please give me suggestions.

Thank you.


First of all optimize the gig content!
I think you have done it quite well…
and most often I will suggest you to be active as much you can!
And bro pray for me too I am in the same situation!

bro I always try to be active. More then 18 hours try to be active. And this gig is fully optimized.

Obviously I will pray for you brother. Pray for me too.

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its great but add your keyword everywhere mean to say add in title ad in description ad in FAQs and ad in packages.

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brother I have optimized it very carefully. now if I search with its main keyword I am able to find it in first search page. but not getting sales. how to grow brother??

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