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My gig in searching results


Yesterday my gig was on the top of searching results. Now is on the first page but is on the bottom.
I have 5 stars reviews only. and 3 orders in queue.
I don’t change anything in my gig.
Can anyone tell me what is the problem?


Generally its happen to many…


Now, i’m on the top again. I don’t understand how this it works!:))


No one has the information on the algorithm that fiverr uses. It does not look like it is simply a pure search engine. Lots of variables go into how we show up in search. Simply just keep providing good customer service and producing a great product. We simply need to know that it will all work out in the end. You may want to share your gigs more on social media as well, along with maybe producing content on the web that will bring attention to your gigs.


Show 'em that you know about VO… :wink: