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My Gig is a draft? I thought I clicked publish

Soooooooo I created my Gig yesterday and completed every section and clicked publish, yet my gig is still not posted. Today I went to re-edit my gig and ensure there were no areas left blank, but everything was completed, as far as I know…

Am I missing something, or is this a part of the gig process?

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Hi there,

Check drafts section and edit the gig then save and continue and publish it

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What if I’ve done that 3 times already?

Am currently experiencing the same thing, for more than 4 days now am UNABLE to be moved to publish my gig, its be so VERY frustrating, I check everything too and still stocked in d gallery section not able to move further, I will click save and continue, indeed nothing happens, the fiverr team should look into that some of my friends have d same problem too. Fiverr team should rectify this quickly pleaseeee


48 hours wait …

Does this solve the problem? @farhad032 did u have such awkward experience? How did you know it will be over in 48hours pls tell me I need to know, pleaseee

Your problem is phone verification …if you want done this fix you should must your Computer or Laptop keyboard type up key button number not allow site button of number for verification.

Pls far had I want understand you, better, please what exactly do you want me to click or do that will enable me achieve this and enable my gig to publish? Pls let me understand more thanks for your input though…

inter your keyboad whice END (1) =does not allow but whice ( !) 1 =does allow.

Thanks farhad032, am greatful for your input, but am currently using my phone, how can I have this done on my android phone? Please educate me.

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Re-save and that may publish!

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I have resaved a 100 times its not going

I had this headache last week. Turns out they wanted me to upload AT LEAST ONE “Gig Photo”. I hit publish and BAM - It went live.

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Try doing it in a incognito browser

OH MY GOODNESS! THAT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE, BECAUSE THAT’S THE ONLY THING I HAVE MISSING!! YAAAAAY THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m going to upload a picture and see what happens, because if this doesn’t work, I really don’t know what else will!

Hope you’ve done your phone verification, it is a new feature by Fiverr. You need to get it done ASAP to publish gigs

wait 48 hours and then go to your draft and edit again and then you can publish your gig

This happened to me, after looking through I saw that they had to verify my video I uploaded, I think that’s the reason my gig wouldn’t go live, check yours it might be the same problem