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My gig is appearing in Google chrome private window on first page but not in other browsers

Hello fiverr sellers,
I hope you are all well.Listen My gig is now top on first searching page when i open google chrome private window as control+shift+n but it is not appearing on other browsers on first page as is it still down by searching on other browsers.So what can i hope?


I have just checked your best seller gig . You are right that your gig is showing first page on your gig category in google incognito mode . Hope you have checked that there is only one page and your gig position is last. Now your question is “why you can not see your gig on that page from another browser?” .
Ans:when you will be logged out and search any thing on fiverr,they will show you best seller filtered gigs . and when you will check from logged in account then you can not see that because then fiverr will show you "recommended or relevance " filtered gigs .If you want to see that from any browser by logged in then filter the search option as "best seller " Then you can see that …


Thank you buddy. I have found a great solution from you .
But i am facing a problem - when i search my gig from other device i could not find myself in online although my device showing me online .

It is a mystery why our gigs do or do not show up in some browsers in the same place.

If others see it on first page then that is a good indication that’s where it is. I wish someone would see where my gigs are at the moment as long as we are on this subject as I don’t see my own.

Remember also your gigs move around constantly but usually stay on the same page.


You have 2 gigs showing on the first page when I search for spells using the Edge browser.


That’s what I wanted to hear, much appreciated!

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@langahsahiib Your gig is showing on the first page when I search under backup, cloning, migration, using the Edge browser.


You are welcome.That problem had not fixed yet in fiverr. Once I had contacted CS . They told to check again and I have checked it and my profile was showing online on search page . But next day again same problem .I have also checked in forum and everyone is facing that problem .I don’t know why… :thinking:

There is no such a problem in fiverr.When you will refresh your profile every time after 5 minutes then you will be able to see your status as online

Misunderstanding i asked for searching by keywords as like wordpress transfer or wordpress migrate in search tab through incognito tab.I never said search through category

:arrow_up: So true.

To be honest, there’s no point in worrying too much over your gigs’ placement as your gigs are always moving all over the place. Your gig placement is extremely dynamic. Sometimes, after refreshing the page within only a few seconds of checking my gig placement, my gig would have moved from #5 spot on page#1 to #20 spot on page#2. When I refresh again (within a few seconds), the gig would’ve moved from #20 spot on page#2 to #10 spot on page#1. This goes to show how dynamic gig placements can be.


It’s not a issue if gig rotates on same page but issue is that now my best selling gig went down and it’s placement is after hundred of gigs

You never said/mentioned about the keywords search . However , I can see you are well experienced person here .Hope you can solve your problem . Best Of Luck.

we are talking about search page here. My status is showing offline on search page sometime but when I click on my gig then it was showing online.Sometime I am online But on search page my profile is showing offline .

I was describing that also.fiverr does not work a way as you think .If you want to keep online your status in searching then after every 5 minute click refresh on your profile then it will show your gigs in searching as online.