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My gig is appearing in the website's search results! Help!

Why? I’ve been frequently working on this website since the start of Summer and for some reason, my gig isn’t showing up in the search results for narration, even when I try to add filters specific to my Gig. I have a video, a full-fledged description, and good search tags. What’s going on?This is really frustrating and concerning. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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Unfortunately, there is no way for you to “fix” this, as you have no control over where your gig shows up in search results. If sales are down, market and promote your gig elsewhere online – wherever your target customers are located. The more sales that come in, and the more accurate and well-reviewed your gig becomes, the higher it might rise in the search results.

Fiverr does not guarantee any specific placement for gigs in their search results. You shouldn’t be relying on the search results to be your only source of gig traffic/sales.


I have found that if I tinker with the gig and publish a lot, I don’t get a lot of orders or clicks. I think it bumps you down in the search algorithm for a day or two when you do that, so if you spend all day tinkering with your gig, it may keep you from being seen. I have found that if I edit my gig and leave it alone for a few days, things improve.

Use the Available Now. I booked a really good job a couple weeks ago, the first time I used it. It doesn’t work every time, but anything you can do to make a new client, who you can deliver a WOW experience so that they become a REPEAT client and then things will start rolling. Good luck!

PS: It took me a week after posting my first gig to get my first order.