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My gig is been denied even if those are my original artworks

Recently my gig for illustration has been denied, they denied gigs the same way 3 time in the past, they’re telling me those are not my original artworks, i have sent them the original source file of my artwork, my client who ordered that his own website link, his Amazon link where he credited my art and selling his books, every single proof i provided them even my client conversation, my Instagram deviant art every possible links, because previously i did all these things, but they didn’t even look at the attachments or link, they just sent me a quick response - hey there i looked in to this matter and i found that our trust and safety team marked it that is not your original art work please read our terms, i sent her again every proof, but she is not even looking to it and marking it as a solved, i don’t know why i provided every single thing even my client told me he wants to help regarding this matter i send them some msgs like what your team found can you provide me some details with link if those artworks not made by me then who made that can you send me that link if you have, they didn’t even reply for one year so i made a new gig, now same thing happen i just made an art work but this one is totally in my style scratch to finish i reported them i know i don’t get my gig back, because they didn’t return my old gig, this website is ridiculous, i am a seller here can i make a case from consumer forum in India ? If yes i am going to make a case against it

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