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My gig is charged by hour of work

Hi lovely people, I just have one question, and I wish you could provide me some advice on this:)

So my gig is charged by hour of work, after they place order for one hour, and I worked for them for one hour, and they still want me to do extra work, but they are not placing order, so in this situation, what should I do?:frowning:


Err, you are on the wrong freelancing site to charge your services per hour.

Orders on Fiverr are based upon the price for an entire project/service/item delivered. It’s up to sellers to appropriately price their own gigs to make the effort exerted worthwhile for the payment received.

Trying to create new orders for every single hour of work passed would be an unmitigated complicated mess and would likely result in ToS violations for not delivering a completed product for each and every “hour order.”


Send offer for extra. You have option in order page communication to select offer extra. That will be added to the ongoing order.


the service i provide actually is fair by hourly rate, it’s just some people are not being fair, they know the time is up and they still ask me to do extra work, and the worse thing is some clients never think their time is up, in their mind one hour=10hours even i remind them many times. so this leads to disagreements:( i’m just frustrated. thanks so much for your reply.

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i tried, but the thing is they still think their time is not up,so they don’t accept the offer but still making me to do things:( thanks very much for your reply.

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Oho! you can add extra offer into your gigs. It will be better for you. Also you can do free courses or paid courses from

It’s not about whether it’s fair or not. Fiverr is not meant for hourly work.


This part is completely irrelevant.

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I’m sorry but I mean you can get clear info. and get details of all from there if not its up to you. It’s my opinion. Thanks

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There are other platforms that enable you to offer hourly work and track the hours through the platform but Fiverr just doesn’t work that way. You could try the milestone payments instead.

I’ve worked on other platforms and, in my experience, clients are very unrealistic when it comes to what is doable in an hour. It’s either naivety and/or an attempt to keep the fee as low as possible. One example I can give you is being asked to record, edit, and deliver an audio book of 10,000 words in the same day. “It’s about 90 minutes work so I can offer $20.” The timeframe and price are both laughable and I always turn these offers down.

You’d be saving yourself many headaches by removing the one hour option. If it’s possible, offer a word count or a page count. Anything that will help you manage client expectations.

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Think of Canceling order, especially if it is not high prices.

Most humans know how time moves and the fact he is refusing to pay extra and claiming the 60minutes is not up yet is potential red flag.

And change the “per hour” concept because as everyone said, Fiverr is not platform to offer hourly rates.

You could be working for free and get poor review.

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Thank you so much.
It is very important information for new seller.

Thanks very much! i’ll just remove the one hour option and think of something else:)


Thanks Marina! you’ve helped me a lot. i’ve ended up working for free for some clients just like you said :frowning:

Also, a suggestion to check out @hikarishinjo profile. She is a STANDARD when it comes to quality of GIG description, video, presentation and work ethics from what she displayed from the moment she started on Fiverr.

You can use her as inspiration and come up with your own unique ideas to upgrade your profile, and while doing that also revise the mandatory requirements, add more photos, PDF file in your GIG and anything that will help you in your Fiverr work life.

Planning is the key.


Thanks for the praise Marina :pray:
I do also believe strategic planning is key.

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