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My Gig is denied again

First of all to admin~ This isn’t duplicate to My previous post (which is closed), yet issue is same and repeated

This is second time, my gig is denied. I used to edit the gigs every week. most probably to edit price and offers/description.
First time when my gig was denied, issue was solved within 2 hours and i was told that i don’t need any modification.
Then why now? I have just edited the description and gig extra prices. how come this is violating any TOS or so called “third part”?
I think content editor team reviewing the gigs after edits and the one who solved my problem previously are not on the same page.
There has to be some Clarifications, valid reason or warning instead of scripted messages before content editors shutdown anyone’s main gig all of sudden. I don’t know why my gig is targeted that is in top rows both homepage (recommended + high ratings) of category
I hope i won’t be disappointed this time as well. and waiting for customer support to respond.

Still waiting for customer support to respond and i am experiencing huge loss because of unjustified denial of gig of 13-14k impression.

I’m sorry this happened to you simply because I don’t wish anyone to go through difficulties on Fiverr. I did try to give you some feedback and you defended yourself in the other thread. I also understand that you feel this thread is not a duplicate, but going on about the same topic really is a form of duplication. In addition, it certainly is not a Tip for Sellers in any way. I suggest you consider sticking entirely with original gigs, original images, mock-ups that YOU make (not taken from elsewhere) and have continued success. Good luck.

Thank you for providing the link to your original post. It will remain closed and this one can remain open. I’ll even place a link in the other to this post for you if you want to discuss this further.

Most of your gig images are taken from the Internet (your profile picture included). Things in the Internet are not free for anybody to use. They have their respective owners; they are the “third party”. If that owner happens to visit your gig and see his/her images there, will report you and your gig will be removed.

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Mine has just been denied and i had 30k impressions and i am a highly rated seller.I have just contacted support.I just hope that this issue will be solved

My gig about writing review got denied.
How do I make sure that my next gig will not get denied.
And my gig gets on getting denied after I complete 1 order.
How do I overcome this !!!???
Help someone.

Paid reviews are not allowed on 3rd party sites like Goodreads, Amazon, Yelp, etc. Fiverr does not allow reviews to be sold here for that reason. Sell something else.

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