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My Gig is Denied, Please help me out

Hello All,

This is the 2nd time my gig is removed from Fiverr. I am not using any third party copyrights and they sent me emails that you are using third party copyrights. How I will check that why they removed my gig again and again. Hope to hear from you soon.

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same thing was happened with me.fiverr was removed my gig 2 times and they restored it again.If you don’t violate third party TOS and If you have rights to use them then send a proof to CS (may be a screenshot or any other thing that will prove that you have rights to use them ) hope they should restore your gig

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From your profile:
Ripoff Report Removal service in the world. Contact for Google Reputation Repair Services and affordable SEO packages.

Third paryt ToS violation I’m afraid.


Submit a :envelope_with_arrow: ticket to Customer Support and ask them. :honeybee:

We cannot help you with this problem!

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What is the third party TOS in that

You’re possibly breaking the ToS of Ripoff Report and Google?

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they are not telling me the particular third party TOS, what screenshot I have to send them.

I don’t think so, they are saying that I am using third party TOS in gig, many peoples are providing that service

They are not replying

Be patient! Response time varies 24hrs-48hrs or so. :chocolate_bar:

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i am too much furstated now, I have spent a lot of time to create that gig

I’m sure you are frustrated. However, when you communicate with CS, keep a level head. Treat them with respect, and of course, communicate professionally. Take a walk and get some fresh air or something. :cookie:


Yes I will do that Thanks can you please tell me any other way to contact them

We cannot help in this problem
Contact with customer support they with help you if you are right
Best of luck :slight_smile:

@offlinehelpers has identified the most likely reason for your gig being removed. The only way that you will likely get it back is if you send Ripoff Report an email asking if it is okay for you to sell a service where you will remove listings in the publically available directory. As soon as they send you an email back saying, “why yes, that’s just jolly fine,” you can then send a copy of this to Fiverr to show them that you are not infringing on anyone’s copyright.



Anything will happen if I will remove these lines from my profile , and they are not saying that I am using TOS in profile they told me that problem is with gig

offlinehelpers is right.

Those sites do not allow that. TOS violation of those sites policy.