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My gig is denied


I submitted 2 gigs and both were denied saying:

Images are crucial to attracting buyers. Please make sure that your image is:

  • 682 pixels wide and 459 pixels high so that it fits the full frame
  • clear, sharp and in good focus (not blurry, pixelated, too dark or washed out)
  • represents the service you are providing
  • original, meaning that you own the copyrights to it (either a photo you took or created yourself, or have a license to)

    But I didnt see any problem with my image. Here it is:


I downloaded the picture and it measures 670px w x 768px h. Way too tall according to their vertical spec.

It looks like you will have to create a correctly sized background, resize your picture to fit the height dimension (459px) then copy the resulting image onto the background you just created. You’ll end up with a picture that fits the height correctly with margins on each side. Maybe someone has a better solution.

Unfortunately their 682 x 459 spec does not conform to any standard camera or screen resolution that I know of. Where they dreamed up that particular size is beyond me. What it boils down to is that practically every picture from a camera or practically any other source will have to be cropped to size losing content of shrunk to a smaller size then placed on a correctly sized background. Hardly a convenient process for sellers whose gigs have nothing to do with and who do not have much experience with graphics manipulation.


Well I have similar problem and the customer support jenny told me not to have text inside the image and just have illustration only image and the rest of the image standards are fine. However my current performing gig is denied and not even allowed to edit for the same.

In your case, image is too big (not pixeleted though). I don’t know how come they totally smashed the performing gig for image reasons. Jeez.