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My gig is denied

I did a gig based on someone else gig who was having hundreds of orders. But when I published mine got denied. Anyone is experiencing the same?

What should I do?

What kind of gig was it?

If a gig gets denied it always comes with a notification to let you know why it got denied. What did the notification say?

What exactly did you do? It would be wrong to just copy someone else’s gig word-for-word.

I see. “…a gig based on someone else gig who was having hundreds of orders.” It sounds like you saw someone else achieving success, and decided to copy it. Either someone saw the copied gig and reported you to Fiverr, or Fiver saw your gig, and removed it. Either way, the solutions is simple… don’t copy other people’s gigs. Make your own – with your own text, your own images, and your own seller personality.

Fiverr did the right thing by denying your gig. Take this as a lesson, and don’t do it again. Don’t copy other people’s gigs.

A gig I had up for ages has been denied as a third party has claimed I had infringed their copyright. Oddly, this happened just after I had enquiries about the gig and sent a custom offer. When I looked the enquirer up, they are a seller who delivers the same service. They have no gigs, last delivery a year ago and response time is N/A. I’m concerned fiverr will not give more details on what the actual complaint was. You also can’t modify the gig, you have to pull it down and recreate it. Ludicrous.

I had this with one of my services, too. It happened right after someone complained and I refused to refund their order as they were attempting to blackmail me. I had already gotten approval from the third party and had let Fiverr know so I already know that the third party violation wasn’t accurate. Generally you just have to move on, really. I don’t bother contesting that kind of stuff anymore. There also by “coincidence” has been about five similar services that have popped up and have barely any ratings that were promoted to Level 2 and page one for the keywords I was ranking on. Go figure.

Had other services where I by accident put words like “email” in but had no intention of sharing personal information and if the description was read and not just terminated because of the keyword they would have known that.