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My gig is deranked for some reason and I don't know why

My gig was well ranked on the top row of first page but for sometime, I started losing my ranking gradually and I don’t know why even though all the reviews were 5 stars. Now, the gig is not showing anywhere in the search results even the exact match title is not showing. The gig views dropped from 100+ to 10-12 view each day. On contacting customer support, they said that everything is fine and system is doing it automatically; search results is not static. Can anyone suggest me a way to get back my ranking? I have over 1000 reviews on my gig.


I did a live stream last week covering this very subject.

Basically Fiverr is correct.

Results are dynamic, there is no page #1, just relevance.

So your gig dropped its spot due to a rotation cycle. It happens. You can choose to either edit your gig’s SEO, or tweak your offering as a whole, or fo nothing and wait for a new cycle to pick yours back up again.


Same happened with me. ;(

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First page ranking to 6th page.

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Again for clarity: there are no pages to rank on.


Each search result serves completely different results to buyers and relevance is heavily rewarded.

If you “dropped” your gig is either no longer as relevant for some reason (that reason may very well be the competition) or Fiverr is rotating gigs as per usual.


Yeah, I think Fiverr is giving chance to every freelancer.

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It can happen don’t get panic things will be ok just focus on your work @ammarnaveed1

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Thank you! I hope that everything will be back. Was just too worried as it dropped without any clear reason.

Hi Frank,
I hope you are doing great over there. Well, I’ve watched your live stream about half of it as it was of more than 2 hours and I’m willing to watch the rest soon.

I’ve been on Fiverr since 2014 and since then everything has been very well. Now some people will say that you have enjoyed your time on Fiverr and isn’t it fair to give chance to other sellers as well? I guess No, because one has to work really hard to be at that position and build a reputable business.

This issue of gig being disappeared from search is something new at Fiverr. Some are calling it an issue and some are calling it a normal gig rotation. But there are still so many questions to be made clear.

I know so many people who have faced this same issue that when everything was going all okay then all of a sudden why they lost their gig like from very first page to very last.

My gig with 2k+ reviews and an overall 4.8 rating has been out of search from last 2 months now. And no one has the answer to it. And that is happening with all of my gigs in different categories not matter its logo design, flyer design, banner design or any other. Even if I’m making a new gig it goes to the very last page with other gigs of mine.

This happened with me in july 2019 but it got fixed within 2-3 weeks automatically but this time it has taken more time now that my gigs are out of search.

I really hope to get some answer from Fiverr side on this matter rather than us guessing things and hurting our profiles by editing gigs to find any solution.


Hi there.

I see you keep framing this as an issue, a technical one at that, an issue that needs to be resolved by Fiverr.

I don’t think my stream or anything I write here for you to read will help you until you realize that there’s no point in worrying about what you cannot control.

Part of the message I wanted to convey with my stream was that you need to focus on what you can control: your gig SEO, providing stellar service and maximizing the part of the funnel you can control.

Fiverr added more hidden metrics or tweaked each metric’s weigh. Whatever they changed, made search results more dynamic.

So it’s currently harder for a gig to stay relevant to the same buyer searches for too long. This will always be “normal” for Fiverr.

Let me point out that I am not here to use my Fiverr contacts to ask them to fix something you deem unfair. Especially since according to Fiverr, nothing is broken.

You need to adapt to the rotating gigs, you need to understand there’s no hack and no one page you need to climb.

There’s a good chance your gig will be rotated back if you perform well, if that doesn’t happen your best bet is to tweak so your gig becomes relevant again.

I cannot stress this enough: 2020 and onward it’s about relevance, not ranking. You will get more sales if more people are looking for what you offer using keywords you successfully predicted and implement in your gig.

As for your successful gig argument, I am sure I have more reviews than you, by which logic I should always rank higher than you.

And maybe someone like @twistedweb123 has more reviews than me, and has been here longer, so he must always outrank me.

There’s no seniority on Fiverr anymore, and Fiverr no longer weighs past performance as a tool to serve results. (At least not as much as it used to).

It’s all about the search.

As for that specific argument, I am not saying that: “you had your chance, now move aside for the next batch of sellers.”

What I am saying is that things now move a lot more than they used to, and it’s easier to become irrelevant, or stay stagnant.

Feel free to join my next stream if you want to ask any questions regarding this issue.


Yeah, Looking forward to it !!

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It’s a very secure marketplace for everyone .
I enjoy it so much.
I love it.
And thankful to lovely fiverr!!:heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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Lmao,I guess you’ve never gotten deranked


What makes you think that?

And why would you need to add “lmao” in the beginning of your reply?

Fiverr’s that lazy to give us a response with 1 sentence. That’s sad.

As I can see your gig is valuable and also have a high reputation. There are several reasons for the rank drops. As Fiverr has introduced the SEO title,–> Make sure that you have updated it. If you are not updating the SEO titles then Algorithm seems the gig is not updating or not active. Thus, you can try to update the SEO title.

@ammarnaveed1 I am in the same situation as you were. I am seeing that this post is old, so my question is, what happened next? How did you fix this or if get fixed automatically then how much time it took? Also, did you make any changes to your gig at that time?
Thank you!