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My gig is disabled

i wonder why my gig was disabled. i just received a message saying it contains forbidden images in the gallery. there were only 3 anime girls in bikini no nudes.
i have read the rules for gigs several times, it says that nobody is allowed to ask,offer nudity, so i wonder why there are so many artists offering NSFW content,and so many buyers asking for it.

can anybody please exaplin me?
does fiverr want to kick me out? is personal?
what if somebody ask for an anime girl showing her breast for example? or a fetish?


Well, then you say no. It is against Fiverrā€™s Terms of Service to offer adult-oriented services.

Your gig may have been disabled because it was found to be ā€˜Inappropriate.ā€™ ā€˜Inappropriate/obsceneā€™ gigs are also not allowed on Fiverr as per the ToS.

It doesnā€™t make it okay just because other artists do it. They simply havenā€™t been caught yet.

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so then is FIVERRs fault! they must forbide the NSFW offers.
also you said they havent been caught yet, lol have u seen how many they are? a ton!

May, not. It was. :wink:

I just found the OPā€™s gig images and they are explicit.

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What is Fiverrā€™s fault? NSFW work is already disallowed.

I am sure they are doing their best to close the gigs that violate the ToS, but there are more than a million gigs on Fiverr, so they also rely on user reports.

If you find a gig that violates ToS, then you can simply report it.

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OP? excuse what does it mean?
why they are considered explicit? none of them describe ā– ā– ā– ā– ā– ā–  actions

OP means the original poster (you).

@maitasun is right. Your art is certainly inappropriate/obscene. I understand why Fiverr disabled your gig.


ok thanks! for your answers you have been very helpful.

i guess is time to migrate to another platform.