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My gig is disappear from search result!

Hi Hope you all are well. I’m a level one seller on fiverr. I made changes on the gig images, description etc. After 1 day my gig is disappear from search result till now (15 days ago). Is there any problem you all are facing to some extent?? Please let me know how to get rid of that problem. Here is my profile link
I appreciate your Reply. Thanks.

Sometimes Fiverr can hide your gig if they think you’re spamming it with keywords to reach the front page. The word business is in your business plan gig description 10 times, so that could be why it’s not showing up?

I know that the gig does get pulled from the searched for a short time while it’s being verified after you’ve made some edits, but I don’t think it’s supposed to take 2 weeks. It could be taking longer to show up due to the holiday season though.

(These are just guesses)


Thanks for your reply. Actually i do not made changes too much on description. I change the images of the gig first time. it might be because of that.! But it’s terrible for me.

Do you have impressions on your gig? Or are they at zero?

Impression are also going down from 2 weeks.

Even if they are going down but the number is above zero it means that your gig is shown to other people. Number of impressions is literally how many times it was shown to other people.

If it’s above zero that means that other people can see your gig and IT IS shown in searches. (Even if you can’t find it yourself)

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Yup this is above zero… But it continuously decreasing after the changes i made ( with a huge numbers). I think you might be right, i have to wait for the solution. otherwise i contact with CS for solution if they can help me?

They will tel you that there is no problem and their algorithm works as planned.
Please note that your position in search is not permanent and can change as going up and going down.

ahaan. So i can wait, thank you for your kind reply.