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My gig is disappeared from first page

My Gig was on first page for last three days but today it is suddenly disappeared and is even not in folloings

…please any body tell me whats goin on? there is no new order today as well…

and ohh here is my Gig.

but what could go wrong? because in these day i have got amazing buyers views

and provided them fast deliveries.

nothing has gone wrong fiverr gives others a chance to get business just like they did for you. All you can do is improve and sell more and one day you will be on it again:)

I have been here almost 3 years and have yet to see my gigs ever appear on the front page. I could have potentially missed them, but not once have I personally seen them there! So in a sense, you should feel lucky!

I have seen my gig mentioned in newsletter things Fiverr sends out as well as highlighting categories in particular that were mentioned which at one point gave me 20+ sales in one day, but it’s been a while since that’s happened.

They do it to give everyone a chance to get rotated in especially for those that are more new to the site and just to get them some initial orders and keep them motivated and sticking around. Everyone deserves a chance for exposure so just keep offering a good quality service and you may be rotated in again sooner than you think!

At some point, you should feel lucky have ever been there. And yes, like the other said, fiver rotates the gigs who should appear or featured on the front page, solo keep up your good job, you’ll eventually be there again

thanks every one for you response, but I think I am not even in the search list of fiverr because only getting one or two orders from buyer’s requests. it never happened to my other friends using fiver…

Reply to @kjblynx: yeh I have also checked my gig it was there and I am also going to change my key words, thanks for your reply, I will take it as suggestion.

can you tell me about one more thing that why fiver is not answering my requests on customer support center about my business account activation. if they are not replying then is there some other way to contact fiver.

I just started off @wikkii and I use some keywords that people often search for in the Translation industry. I use the Keywords Tool on Google or Wordtracker to find the keywords that bring the most traffic into my industry. I usually think of SEO when promoting my gig.

Fiverr has many customer support requests and I would just recommend waiting. I’ve gotten my inquiry answered in about 2 days. Good luck to you and your gig! Check out my gig.


Not to hijack the topic, but it happened to me as well and I don’t know what to do:

It disappeared from the search results between yesterday and today.

What can I do to get it back?