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My Gig is failing to appear in Fiverr lists

Although I’m an old user, I have always been buying stuff here just as a buyer. For a moment I thought I could also sell my skills by creating a gig. I created the gig successfully but the saddest thing is that the gig doesn’t appear among other listings.

I tried searching with all tags, the title of the gig, filtered by price, and anything common to find the gig but it is nowhere to be found. I asked a few friends to check in the past 3 days but non can find the gig.
Meanwhile, on my Seller dashboard, it shows active.

Has anyone experienced this before and how can I possibly solve this? Not sure if I’m allowed to post the gig URL in the forum to be reviewed.

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You need to check under Help seller managing gig official status of the gig.

There are two versions of gig being active.

A) visible on your profile
B) visible in search
When your gig is in your profile marked active that doesn’t mean in search.

Verify status of your gig.

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Where specifically can I find those terms? I’m on MY Gig page and can see only Active. If you could be more precise?

It is good that you check once a week the real status of your GIGs.

If you get this:

That means your gig is active and visible on your profile, you can sell, but it doesn’t show in search results.
If this is new GIG, or you made modifications to it you have to wait 24 hours and check again. If the GIG still gives you that is not fully active, report it to Customer support (CS).


Awesome feedback. I reviewed and it shows that my gig is not showing in Search results therefore need to contact the support team!!

Your help is hugely appreciated @marinapomorac

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If possible share screenshot of how that looks like here. i can’t because all my gigs are active.

Here is a Screenshot from my end:

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Thank you, I added it to my post so I can use it as bookmarked answer.

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Glad you helped. Thank you and enjoy your day!!