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My gig is getting down every day

Hello, Everybody, I hope Are you well. Last few days I’m checking my gigs’ ranks getting down daily. How can I improve my gig? Please let me know if you solve this situation.
advance Thanks.


You can share your gig on social media, I hope it will be help for increase gig impress, view , click


Thank You So Much for Your Advice.

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Stay Online, share gig link on social media gig promotion groups for increase impression and clicks as well as send buyer request daily.


@abdulmalik888 stay online is not a solution.
@binarani i think every seller face this problem sometime. You can share your gig on social media platform but this dose not help to rank your gig. Maybe it help to increase some impression. If you want then you can share your gig on social media. How to rank a gig, it almost a tough question.