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My gig is getting traffic but i didn't get any orders

Hello Everyone, Especially Fiverr experts…!!
I m a newbie on Fiverr though my account is 6 to 7 months old. My skills are in content, article, SEO based research articles and blog writing. Due to my hectic schedules, it was hardly difficult for me to upload any gig in last 7 months. Recently, I uploaded a gig following the Fiverr guideline and was able to rank my gig in the research (as my gig is getting traffic). The problem I face is I m getting traffic but unable to get orders. I will be very glad to listen to your experience related to this issue and the solutions you will give.

If your gigs get traffic, that’s a good sign.
Your question has been asked so I think you can browse the forum and use the Search button to find the answer.
You can start with this thread:


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