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My gig is going down from search


Hy, I hope you are doing well.I am facing a problem that, last month my gig was staying in 1st page on 1st and second line by search,but its showing in 1st page but 9 or 10 line now. my review is going up,but gig is going down by search.can you suggest me please what to do??


Same issue here. Looking for responses…


You cannot control where your gig ranks in search results. Just keep being a great seller, keep delivering great work that earns positive reviews, and don’t worry about things that you cannot control.

And if you want to find more buyers, then perhaps now is a good time for you to start marketing and promoting your gigs to your customers who are elsewhere online or off. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to make you visible at the top of search results. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your target customers know about you, know what you offer, and can find you if they need your services.

Your build your own success. Fiverr isn’t going to do that for you.


thanks for your nice comments.i appreciate it.


You’re welcome. …