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My Gig is Gone!

One of my gigs has just completely disappeared.

Where did it go? It took me quite a while to compose the ad copy that fared well in search, and converted to sales. This is really disappointing. . . I want it back.

Have you contacted Customer Support? They might be able to help you or tell you what happened. I hope you get the issue fixed soon.

Thanks for your response. My gig did go back up shortly after I had posted that. - But now I am having other technical issues which are not related to anything I’ve done - and I’m losing gigs because of it.

I have not found any way to contact anyone that remotely appears to be a “customer support” department or representative.

Customer Support link is on top of every forum page and at the bottom of every Fiverr site page!! Please remember that to create a ticket you must create your credentials (they are not the ones used on Fiverr site).

Yes, I’m aware of where the “link” is - to nowhere.

I’m looking for a representative not a knowledge base.

go to

And, when you are there, click on ‘still cannot find an answer’, it will take you to the next page, then click in the top right hand corner on submit a request, and ask your question through a form. You will not find a knowledgebase, but a form there. Eventually, you will get an answer from a real person.

Maybe you think this is complicated, but otherwise CS would even be more swamped than they are now.

So it’s kind of like a triage thing. Only those who successfully find their way through the maze get to obtain actual support.

Sometimes its better to write an e-mail to