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My Gig is hidden from the Fiverr page

Hi, anyone can tell me any solution to this problem two times I contact CS team but they did not solve my problem?

My gig does not show up on fiverr page

It was page number 4 after filter Fiverr/Graphic Design/Banner ads/ 1/ within 24 delivery 2/static banner

if I search “Awesome Web Banners” it will show up

Problem is when I search with Fiverr filter my gig did not show

Last time response this message from CS team and market solved

I understand your frustration in your Gig not showing in the online filter but I previously provided you proof that your Gig is found in your category and I did not search for your title.

Please make sure when you are searching for your Gig, that you are signed out of your Fiverr account to get a more accurate result. Our search system will sometimes make it harder for sellers to find their own Gigs in search while they are signed in so they cannot try to boost their impressions.

Let me know If anyone can tell me any solution!

Thank you


Your best selling gig is on the first line of page five under banner ads.


Thank you, but when I search through Fiverr filter it did not show up what to do for this?

like It was page number 4 after filter Graphic Design/Banner ads/ within 24 delivery /static banner.

The online filter doesn’t seem to be working properly, so it may be no surprise if other filters don’t work either.

Hi I did not use online filter

just two

1/ 24 hours delivery
2/ static banner

Your image shows you used the ‘show online sellers’ and ‘static banner’ filters with the orange arrows pointing to the ticked boxes?

How about trying it without the ‘online’ filter ticked?

see this if you find my gig please tell me?

Nope - can’t see it.

Have you asked CS? None of my gigs were showing for ‘English’ at one point because I’d chosen UK English - CS fixed it but I have to have US English as a language as well. It did take them a few days, but they got there in the end! It might be something as simple as that?

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok ignore language but if I filter through STATIC BANNER show up three number page but when clicking 24 hours delivery it not show.

I’m confused after this issue still now I’m not getting any order what you say?

The filters aren’t working?

Only this gig this issue but my others gig working filter.

Time to ask CS then! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you understand now!

Hi, my gig delivery time is within 24 hours but see the screenshot after happening this still now i didn’t get any new orders.

Another of your screenshots! :slightly_smiling_face:

I won’t try and guess what this one’s showing - I got it wrong the last time! :wink:

Can you describe your problem instead please?

simple I’m selected 1 day delivery time but when i select 24 hours delivery time my gig did not show up

and see this screenshot .

simple I’m selected 1 day delivery time but when i select 24 hours delivery time my gig did not show up

and see this screenshot .

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Ah thank you for explaining! :slightly_smiling_face:

For it to be counted as an express gig and show up the search as such, you need to deliver one order within the 24 hours.

Once you’ve done that, it’ll show up as a 24 hour express gig and it’ll be reflected in your gig details on your backend.

Same problem face bro…