My gig is impression,views and clicks are increasing highly bt i even did not get order


please someone suggest me what can i get my first order


Welcome to the Fiverr! Congrats!

You just have to figure what folks want and get it to them quick, with quality and value.

You will get it!

God Bless,


thank you sir for your great suggesion


It is strange that you did not get any order as you registered your profile from March 2017. Do you visit your profile everyday? Do you bid on Buyer Request?



thank you sir,

in first few months i can’t this but recently i am trying my best to increass gig impressions,clicks,views it’s working nicely but did not get any order


Start bidding on buyer request, Share your profile on Social media. Improve your gig image and your gig description



Hello, you are on the right path. Just be patient and orders will come eventually. I hope you will get orders sooner rather than later. Thanks


thank you sir for your great tipes


it was completely our pleasure to help you out.


same problem :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Don’t worry dear…soon you will get your first order


thank you madam for your great suggesion


Just do daily buyer request and soon you will get order
Best of luck


thank you sir for great suggesion