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My gig is in first page but I don't get any orders or messages, can anyone help?

Hi, I have a gig on lead generation service. It’s in first page for at least 3 weeks. Impression is over 1.2k. But not much clicks(just 10).

I don’t get any messages or orders. Can anyone check it and tell me what is the problem. When creating the gig I researched the keywords and did what I could in my ability. It’s now in position 1 among 11,834 gigs. Yet I don’t get any single messages or orders.

I’ve completed 1 order with 5* review. I got it just after creating the gig. After that nothing. Same problem with my other gigs also.

I’m so worried now. Please, can anyone help?

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Hang on, things will get better for you, I hope.
Polish your skills in the meantime.
Things are stressed right now. Just make sure to be on first page.