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My gig is in the 7th page

I don’t get orders yet. What can I do to develop my Gig? Please help me…


hello @masterzieye
I Will Do Amazing Wordpress Website Design Specially For You why you put specially in your gig title? remove that word. just write I Will Do Amazing Wordpress Website Design For You also use short tags, because your tags are so long. maybe this thing helps you to ranking your gig.

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Thank You… What sort of tags can I use? Thanks a lot

just use tags like wordpress, website, site design, web, web design, etc…

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thank you… I’ll make these changes and let you know about the result

Very helpful comment , Thanks @rushabh2311

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My killer gig overall statistics keeps going down, all with down red arrows. Even the gig got demoted from first page to 5th page. No orders for the past one week! Please what can I do? Somebody help!!!