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My gig is in wrong category/subcategory?

I am begining to dislike Fiveer cause just today the Fiveer team told me after more then a month membership that my gigs is in wrong category? Now its one left from 2 other i had to chooze right “cat” and they live again. The last of 3 is Social media branding! I was looking and searched by words social media banner branding. I found some another sellers who have choozen that category: Animation &3D! And his gig is exactly like mine and active. There is a bunch other who have the category like i choosed.

Now they Denied my Gig: " I will do Professional Social Media Banner Branding".

Animation & 3D is that not the right category?. Should i have the rubric change to I will create a sleek social media branding promo for $5? Now i cant even edit the gig. I can only chooze Delete. And one more thing i got actely sold a gig by chozzeen this category! So now i have to delete a gig there i got 100% positive Review?

Any help?

I am tired of this page and coming to leave this site. No orders, no income, controlled of a team who cant their work, to complicated with choozing categories. Its much easier in videhive or invato market place, freelancer! If Fiveer contiune like they do they wil not be old in this bransch!

I don’t see a gig that has the name you wrote in your post, so I assume you changed the title or deleted the gig?

They disabled now the review of the gig after more then 2 weeks review with over 8k impr and 200 clicks gig cause its Denied!

Fiveer dont review my gig cause its Denied!