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My gig is LIVE but not in any Search. Why?


My video has been processed and accepted and the ad is listed, but I can’t see it in any search or category, even if I put the ad title in. Is there a delay after it says its listed as to when it actually does get listed?

Also the thumbnail for the video preview isn’t getting updated when I choose it.


Keep CALM :slight_smile: HOpe soon Mostly we see our results in 24 hours


Even with the thumbnail getting updated? Surely that should be instant if you can upload photos and videos instantly. Doesn’t fill you with confidence exactly does it!


when i update or create new gig , i just see changes after 24 hours i dont know if others have same experience.


Good to know! Thanks! but it’s 2017 !!! 24 Hours !! ??


:smiley: it is 2017 but fiverr will still keep its manual Filtration ,i think they review each update manually.


Well that’s been 24hrs. The thumbnail has been updated, but I still can’t find the gig on any search. Do they not work on Saturdays maybe?


Just found it with search term :personalize a Happy Birthday Video Ecard.


Re Search via same term and see results .


Hi great to know, but I did that and also searched for "personalize a Happy Birthday Video Ecard£ before adding to this post. Is selected filter by newest arrivals, and still nothing…is this a location issue?

Tks for the screenshot…getting closer haha!


I dont know what the actual issue is but you dont need to worry your gig is working fine .
on search term :personalize a Happy Birthday Video Ecard the gig is located on main page not inside new arrivals.


Thanks for the reassurance, I really appreciate it !


Hello mate
i have same issie with my GIGs

Can you check it for me please ?!


your gig is also listed in new arrival it is not kinda issue i dont know why sellers are in hurry each time they create gig .


Thanks Mate :grin:


Well It’s Monday, and I’ve had impressions and clicks as I can see in the stats, but I personally cannot find the gig in any search even if I’m logged out. King_of_Kings, are you in the UK like me? Maybe if not you check a different server. After 4 days, don’t you think it odd it hasn’t appeared at my end?


Another member did find my gig (kingofkings), and I have had clicks and views but they have stopped increasing, but I personally have never found my gig in any search and even when logged out. So I guess noone is now that the clicks have stopped. Any ideas???


You have to prompt your gig social media and make your gig properly and follow the fiverr help “How to great perfect gig” It’s will automatically search, when people use your gig frequently :slight_smile:


Tks Claire, I made it propperly by reducing the number of characters in the title, I don’t see it’s essential to promote on social media, and I can’t find the “how to create the perfect gig” when I search for it.

Surely it should appear now the title is short enough?


Your gig is publicly accessible if you still have doubt then contact Fiverr support