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My gig is missing again so what can i do..?

my gig is missing from a search engine,
my gig was missing for 7-10 days but today my gig came in search active just for about 2 hours, after 1 2Hours My gig is again missing, so what can I do right now


My gig missing from the last month. I can’t find it anywhere it has 70+ reviews but nowadays it not get even a single click

Duplicate gigs are against the TOS.
It’s possible that you’re hurting your own gig, by offering the same thing twice.

If you change the price you don’tfind this gig in search…its a big proble… Most if the freelancer first time set their in low price to catch client…when they get more review then change the price…then fiver catch the gig out of search…

I hade changed the price about ২ or 3 month ago