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My gig is no available in search page!


My gig is no longer available in search page. What should I do now ? Please help!!


which gig? you have 3.


WordPress website, my best sell gig


I think the is preference for new users in the search pages nowadays


I also think that !!


I have same problem, i’m level 2, over 400 review im not new… i open new gig and also is not visible in new gigs on search… i check every day new gigs come my is not show up…


So what to do now ? I already send message to fiverr support , let’s see what they say about this problem .


This same problem also i have in past, i don’t contact support.
Update what will be happening… thanks.


New users are mostly on the search page this days


I’m not new user, im member since 2014, level 2, over 400 review… i have same problem.


Having the same problem as yours with my best seller, contacted CS and got the same response as you all might have got.
I know it has affected our sales but let’s give the new sellers a chance to show their skills. There’s nothing we can do about it.

P. S. - I hope fiverr isn’t your only source of income.
Good Luck!


I think Fiverr has changed its algorithms. Fiverr is now promoting new sellers :slight_smile: So I think that can be a reason.


Thank you for your response. Hope we will get back our position soon :slight_smile:


I also think that. :slight_smile: