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My Gig is no longer showing up in search result

Hi, I’m a level 1 seller, I have got this level cuz of my gig quality and my talent in video editing,
so my best selling gig called * Cinematic video editing for youtube channel* was appearing at the first page of search result this keyword * Cinematic travel video *, but now after I took a 15 days vacation, I have been shocked that my gig is no longer displayed in the first-page nor the 10th page, even if I search for my whole gig title

I don’t know what happens

I’m really frustrated cuz I contacted the support and they answered that everything is looking good
any ideas?

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same here, i cannot show my gigs anywhere and also not show my profile when my gig is also active and my profile is online but cannot see anywhere???

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im shocked, wating for members whom had the same experince

If you used the Out Of Office mode, then it’s known to take a bit for any previous placements to ‘recover’.
It’s said to be better to ‘pause’ gigs, but with the new and recent changes, that might not be valid any more.


that means my gig will recover its place after few days ?

Maybe. The feature isn’t used often enough to have details about how it works relayed here in the forums. Plus there’s dozens of completely unrelated factors that can throw off any attempt at analyzing feedback.
I would give it a few days though.

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Well, i have no solution, just waiting :pensive: