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My gig is not activated

hello…my gig is activated on dashboard but its not activated by CS. can i still get orders?please tell me when they will activate my gig…i created it 3 days back.


Change Your gig content.

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What is the message you recieve? is it under investiation? or do you get an error message when filling in the forms? Maybe something on 1 of the pages wont work beceause of certains words or sentances.

when i check it on my account the gig is active see this screenshot

and when i contact customer support and check my gig status i get this message

please help me how to resolve this issue…

Send a message to CS. Every single day. Until the editorial team aproved your gig.

I spent almost a month waiting for the pending status to be released. In the end I wrote directly and asked what was happening and the next day my gig was already active.

change your gig content,

can u please me what to change? what do u mean by content.?plz explain some lil bit…
this is my gig url…u can see i have views and impressions but its not activated by editorial team.

please tell me where to write directly…i have emailed them twice and they r saying we will review ur mail within 24 to 36 hours…but still there is not reply related to my gig…

Your gig is active and can be purchased.

" i will also assist u in homework and assignments."

The above is from your gig description. Suggest you remove all references to helping with homework and assignments as that is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Well worth a read as a violation can risk your account.