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My gig is not active what should i do now?

Hi, hope all are doing well. I have a problem that I have 6 gigs. But one of my gig is not active.
I knocked on the supported center but did my gig did not active yet. what should I do now?
please give me a proper solution


What service are you offering with that gig?

Your account is showing 6 active gigs.

You need to remove the Fiverr logo from your gig images as that is not allowed.

I am offering logo design

First delete the inactive gig.Then again create a new gig followed by fiverr rules of gig creation.

  1. Use your own image.
  2. Offer different service. ( You are not allow to make multiple gigs for same service)
  3. Write your own gig content by typing ( not copy pest from another place)

i have completed an order in this gig

Hi there,

I think the problem with the inactivity of your gig is gig image. Please remove all 3 images and pdf or video you have uploaded and if you are a logo designer you can create new gig images easily. I hope it will work for you.


i have completed an order in this gig

However, I completed three orders, then my gig shows inactive, and I changed my entire three logo thumbnail.

is you gig active now?

Yes! Active :innocent:

Same problem is also with gig is showing in drafts Not in active yet.
Plase help me any one
Thank you