My Gig is not appear any page please help me


I have edited my gig last 3 day’s. Now my gig is not appear on any page. Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much!



I totally understand what you are talking about. Gigs are just getting dropped to 5th page because of what they call algorithm. You are messing business and you calling that algorithm.

Its really not cool.


Not everyone can be on first page. Remember that. Work hard and realize it’s not going to be handed to you


Thank’s for your quick reply. What I want to do now please.



Please tell me what i want to do now any solution there?


you can wait. Change up some of your tags and market yourself outside of fiverr better.
There’s plenty to do to keep your business in tact.


Thank you so much! for help. Everyday I share my gigs on twitter linkedin and google plus.


I hear people say this a lot and it does not sound right all.

So, I should market myself outside of fiverr, so buyers can come to fiverr to do business with me while fiverr gets a cut they know nothing about?

If I have to market myself to get sales, then no one needs fiverr since you’d be doing all the work.

Why would fiverr be taking huge % off my sales if I did nothing to get the customer?


I think you’re quite right.

I am new seller on Fiverr, and I sent countless offers in BR before I could get the two sales I have made.

If Fiverr is collecting commission on every sale we make, I think they should be responsible for marketing our gigs for us.

Or what’s the 20% cut for?


the 20 percent pays for the website, the payment processer, all the bandwith of storing files, the customer service center, and it’s advertising.

Marketing is always left to the consumer, just like Etsy and Ebay and everywhere.

It’s not a conspiracy