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My gig is not appear in search result 😢

Hi there !

My gig is not in search result , I’ve searched my gig all of my keyword but I didn’t found my gig any page’s but my gig is active .

There is anyone to help me with this situation :pray:



It will take time to come in search result. Please check your tag and try to be at online as much as you can.
Share your gig in various platform and promote your gig.

Best of luck


I got the same problem several times when I did changes in my gigs. Each time I contacted customer support and got the problem resolved. So try contacting customer support, they are very friendly and ready to resolve the technical errors quickly.


be patient bro… everyone is in the same situation first time


First of all check your gig status for active or not. If it is active then no issue.


Please be patient. If you still facing then please contact support.


do proper SEO of image and gig content .If again don’t come in search result go to support

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One of the main reasons is that gig SEO is not done properly. Then if you still face this problem you can contact customer support

Another issue for why you may not be found in the search results is that Terms of Service says:

Gigs may be removed from our Search feature due to poor performance and/or user misconduct.

I am not saying you are guilty of misconduct but perhaps you have not had many orders lately or your overall rating has dropped.

Another issue is that even though your buyer leaves a 5-Star public review, Fiverr askes every buyer for a secret review. So, make sure your customer service is always top-notch.

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