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My gig is not appearing in searches - help!


I am a level 2 seller, and I made some changes to my gig today (updating the description, prices, gallery, etc.) and now my gig is not appearing in searches.

I have searched for numerous terms including my exact gig title, and have done so in multiple browsers and logged out - it still doesn’t appear anywhere. I know that this seems to be a common problem, and I’ve already contacted support but have not received any response yet.

Live Portfolio has never worked on my account, and Fiverr was notified about it 6 weeks ago. And today I found somebody copied my gig word for word and even stealing my image. But not appearing in searches is the worst part as it means no gigs… any advice or comments?


Once content on a gig is updated, it can take up to 48 hours for it to reappear in the search results.


What DJ said, it can take some time to update when you make changes.

As for the getting your gig copied, you can send a ticket to Fiverr about that:


It is weird. Usually it doesn’t take any time to re-appear. But people have reported that sometimes when it does, it’s position has changed dramatically afterwards :open_mouth:

As there’s a “punishment” page with lots of super seller gigs there in many categories, which lets no one see them. Have to scroll down a lot to find them. Some are still there that were there a few years ago too, despite having thousands of glowing reviews and since then having 2 orders in queue as opposed to 90+. That is completely natural according to support. :scream:

So should take a look there if you still can’t locate your gig, but can find it by searching it’s title.


usually take sometime to re-appear


Thanks guys. I wasn’t aware that it can take 48 hours after making a change to the gig. Do you happen to know if this is for any change, or just certain changes (such as metadata/category/ thumbnail image, etc.?

Fiverr support got back to me and my gig is once again appearing in search results, and they took care of the copycat gig as well :slight_smile:

Now I just have to hope and wait that they ever fix my Live Portfolio issue!