My Gig is not attracting the seller


Hello Guys
I am new on the Fiverr platform. Here is the link of my Gig… Please guide me why It is not attracting the sellers? What improvement I should made ?


Hi, upload eye-catching image or a video is must to attract buyer. Place longer description of the gig. Use proper tags/keywords and category. Send buyer’s requests.


Hello @ashfaqsarwar, welcome to Fiverr. :slight_smile:
Use this advice which @arslanlb write you, he know a lot good things.
Also, before few days I wrote some post on other Topic, and I think that could also help you.
Check on this link How to get your fist gig on Fiverr
Wish you all the best in future and just keep working hard! Buyers will come for sure. :slight_smile:


Thank you, we spent a decade on Fiverr. Experience with Working working working…


You just here since 2016 right?


Yes @yudha991 just 2 months ago I know about fiverr but as you know that its hard to wait for something after understanding their importance :smiley:


Bundle of thanks @arslanlb . I will surely look into it for further improvement. One more thing. Are you asking “Eye catching image” for my profile pic or Gig pic?


Gig images, make them unique and attractive which should force buyer to click on the gig.


I was mentioning @arslanlb


We are from about 2014. Closed the account and started again in 2016 and going on now.