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My gig is not coming in the search from last 5 months



Hope you are doing well.

Can someone review my profile/gig here:

I just wanted to know about my gig. How can I improve my gig? The gig that generated a lot of earning in is not getting any order from the last 5 or may be 6 months. Buyer request section is also spammed by sellers so no opportunity to get order from there.

I have made changes to my gig many times but nothing worked well.
Someone with GREAT experience? Who can help me get my gig back in the search again?

Looking forward to your comments,

Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m not the one with great experience but I can suggest you to add “do” after " I will " in gig name.

Update the tags as well


Thank you for the reply, but keywords are more effective? A common person would search for keywords rather than do or will. :slight_smile:


Keywords are effective but Fiverr is planning to shift it to TAGS. SO keep your tags up to date.


I’ve been making changes to tags frequently. :slight_frown:


firstly upload your professional profile picture and then edit your gigs with more information (explain benefits,quality and related to prices)
and then promote your gigs to facebook,twitter and other social media sites
i hope through this you’'ll get more orders on gigs
thank you


Same here bro i am also for my first order