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My gig is not displaying anywhere in the search section

I am contacting regarding my GIG because I am getting all the order via Twitter traffic because having a lot of traffic on Twitter but when I search the GIG on Fiverr my GIG is not displaying anywhere in the search result even I am level 1 seller still not showing anywhere. Can anyone tell me what is the reason?

Hello Sara,
I think you should contact Customer Support .

i did but they send the copy pasted answer as usual. :frowning:

Let me see if I can search it and find

Yes please let me know then!

I scrolled through a lot of gigs and couldn’t find it either. There are just lots of gig. How good is the Impression on your gig?

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The key to success for online business is the traffic and not the fiverr website. Why should we use the fiverr website if they don’t give us any traffic? Also you need to pay them for every gig that you sale. If you say all your traffic is come from your twitter account than why don’t you just sale your services from your twitter account. The matter is the traffic not the website, that simple.


That’s a nice piece of cake. I started seeing changes on my account when I started promoting my account through my social media platforms

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