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My gig is not doing so well, any tips please?

Hello everyone!

I’m new at fiverr, and my only gig (spanish to english translations) is doing very poorly, I still don’t have any requests after 20 days or so. I’m not sure if I missed any important details, or maybe I’m just unlucky. This is a link to the gig I’m talking about:

Perhaps any of the more experienced fiverrs could give me any tips to improve?


Have you read the many great tips already shared here on the forums? :wink:

Someone may choose to give you specific tips; I’m going to take the opportunity to remind you that there are plenty of tips already on the forum, and those might be the kind of ideas you’re looking for. We cannot make your gigs successful, but you certainly can with forum research, market research, and learning how to understand the needs of your target customers.

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I guess I’m lacking some self-promoting and maybe a little on the uniqueness department (not really sure how to make myself more unique if what I offer is not related to art)

Really don’t know where to promote myself, any ideas?

Do you know what your target customers are, and where those target customers can be found?

Mostly english speakers who have contact with the spanish language but don’t quite understand it. I’m capable of translating both formal or informal texts and articles. I don’t know where to find such people honestly.

By the way, thank you for helping me!

You’re welcome.

You asked how to promote yourself. If your target customers are “English speakers who have contact with the Spanish language but don’t quite understand it”, where do you think these people hang out? The trick to great promotional success, is to research and determine where those locations are… and then go employ ways to reach those customers at those locations. :wink: