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My gig is not getting impression or clicks

I created a Gig on writing instagram engagement captions about a week back but my gig only got 10 impressions and 0 clicks in 5 days now. I fear it has to do with the hashtags I used which may not be visible enough. I used Instagram Captions, Instagram Posts, Instagram Content, Instagram Copy and Instagram Marketing as hashtags.

I hope I’m not breaking the rules with the post but I really need help with this. What hashtags would you suggest I use to make this gig visible enough, please?



When people are trying to search for your service, what do you think they’ll type?

Since it’s an Instagram engagement captions gig, maybe people will search “Engaging Instagram captions” or maybe they’ll search “Amazing Instagram captions”.

There’s lots of options, but for your gig tags, you need to consider what people will search when they’re trying to find the service that you offer.

I know the above info might have not been specific enough, but I hope that helps!

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I don’t know whether this helps but for my gigs when I took the English test I started to get more impressions. It went from about 2 per day to about 5. Also use buyer requests to try and get orders. For your first few orders literally pour your soul into them to get a 5 star review because they will really push you up in the rankings.

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It sure gave me a wider insight, thank you.

I already passed the English test but this helps, thank you.