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My Gig is not Impression Please Help me


At first, take my sincere respect. I am New Seller on Fiverr. I posted my gig 20 days but no impression and I did SEO gig marketing, keyword setup, everything This is my link.


Did you check is your GIG active?

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Yes, I did check. my gig is Active.

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Then you have to find where your target audience is and promote there, do some research. And give it a month, holidays, depending on services, sales drop.

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Oh, Thank you for Your Information :+1:

Maybe, Your Gig not showing in any client’s search. If your gig sees by clients then you will be gain more impressions. Now My opinion is that you can edit your gig. I want to say that, you can change your tag, title. because your gig is not ranked. for that gig not coming in any search results. When your gig comes on the search results, then you will get impressions and clicks. Best wishes to you!


Thank you Brother :+1:

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