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My gig is not in 1st page after i add gig title

please anyone help me?


Of the thousands of logo sellers on Fiverr, some of who have been have been here for years and have tens of thousands of reviews, why would you expect yours to be on the first page?

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Thank you so much for your reply.

Actually i not want my gig in first page.

If you search your gig title in search bar automatically your gig in 1st page not a complete field just after search title.
If you are a new gig no issue.

I lost my impressions or clicks just last 2 days.
and i not find my gig.

Actually my gig is clothing brand logo design.
two days ago if i write clothing logo.
I see my gig in 1st or 2nd page.
But still i write i not find in 10 page.
please please you reply me and help me.
what i need?
I wait your reply?

Avsulatly right answer. here is so many competitors.