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My gig is not in any page help!what's the wrong with my gig

I cannot find my Gig when I search logo animation option. I shared my Gig in social media and everything but no clicks, views why?
My link-


You could read through this guide on how to rank your gigs. It might help you! :slight_smile:


thank you very much.give me a feedback of my gig

All the advice I have regarding ranking is in the thread I linked, so you should read that and implement what you haven’t already.

I checked out your gig, and it’s full of grammatical errors, so you could improve that by using a tool like to check your spelling and word choices.


thank you again :grinning:

Hey to get more orders or your Gig should go high on pages, you need to be more active online

Create an eye catching gig base on your Niche and what you can offer

then Create a good eye catching GIG IMAGE

after that promote your Gig on Social Platforms

and lastly visit the BUYER REQUEST SECTION and keep sending Job Proposals

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thank you too :relaxed:

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welcome dear emmie9t


when you switch to buyer you can not find your gig because you can not purchase you gig @emmie9t

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Your gig hasn’t been ranked and you need to share you gig to people who has interest in your service

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That’s not correct. When you switch to Buyer and search for your gig, it will show up in search. You not finding it, or it not being visible in search, is a different thing. The results won’t filter out your own gig just because you can’t purchase it.


Thanks for the clarification @smashradio

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Thank you all came here

100% correct, i agree with you.

Thanks for the tips i appreciate

You need to do some research and analysis before creating a gig. Here are some steps you should follow!

First of all, do some keyword analysis. You need to have low competition keywords in your pocket! Also find relevant keywords with low competition. These keywords would be used in tags and description of the gig

After completing keyword analysis, now the time is to write killer description that will show your talent and skillset. While writing description, you need to aware of keyword stuffing. You should add all the relevant keywords in description naturally! It is the most crucial part of creating a gig

Create some eye-catchy graphics to get more views and clicks! Before uploading images, do some image optimization. It will also help to rank faster!
I hope this short description will help you a lot in getting back the rankings! Wish you best of luck! Cheers!

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