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My gig is not in search after getting lavel 2

After getting level 2, I can not find my gig, My gig was on the first page, but, how,
I do not find my gig,
What can I do for now?
please help


wait some days, and you get work again. many sellers faces this issue.


Yeah, man. I would just wait it out. Not much you can do.

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same problem i faced before… but after sometime it came on right place
so check it again, may be it come on first page again


Still, I do not find… my gig :cry:

try to search with different key words

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Think like this in Fiverr there are many sellers so each and every seller have to have a chance to rise right.
So according to the Fiverr they are just circulating gigs into front page and again to last page and so and so forth.
My advice is to don’t isolate into a one skill in Fiverr while Fiverr is changing the position of your gig you can learn a new skill something that sellers offer in Fiverr but very rare.

YouTube is a great platform to learn such task but I know it’s easy say hard to do.
But if you can do that great things will come to your end.


Thanks for your advice,

till, I am facing problem…

u can search lectures on youtube. they guide well

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You need to change some keywords to get highlighted. May be someone’s Gig getting more highlighted than you.

How can I do that? please let me know?

Search keywords which is used by top sellers and apply on your descriptions or tags.

I was at the first page , after getting the lavel 2, I am out of source,

@designerjoty Do you receive orders from the gig you can’t find?

Yes, now, only get old buyer, not new,

Have you already tried to use the Promoted Gigs feature? For me it works amazingly.

No, I do not get, that yet,
I am vey tired, suddenly, what is happen with me,
from the first page is go away, I can not find.
after getting the lavel 2.

dont be sad. all things will be fine

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nice comments @tanveer1975 and @designerjoty

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