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My gig is not in search Please Advice on this

newbie to fiverr i just search with my keywords but i could not find out my gig …is there any thing to do to be listed ??

do not to worry. do not to look. zen.

is many people.

do not to look ??
means ??

It meanings do not to look.

Be strong like liger

Be light like releno.

Be courage. Trust in yourself dude. You’re new. Go to YouTube. Right? OK, now download a new browser and go there and don’t log in. Oh look, it’s all famous people and their shit and shows. Combined.
You came here to moan. Try harder. Lots of good advice on the forums. And as a businessman, don’t ??? when it gets hard, take he control of the situation. You don’t know what you want? Well I’m the expert so… etc.

thanks dude :slight_smile: