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My gig is not in search result

Hy There,
I have faced a problem with one of my service…
Every time I opened this service and every time it doesn’t show in the search result and also say in the help center its pending…see the attached pic its show you all…this is the third time I am trying to open it but its the same problem I am face every time. Previously I talk support team they suggest me to create a new one and then i opened a new one but the same problem happens…so whats things going wrong…why this happens … I opened a pretty nice gigs nothing goes wrong from me…also this is well for market place too…so why this is happens ??

Hi @trends_expert,

Please take your time to read the message. If you do it, you’ll see it says:

“… is currently being moderated by our Trust and Security team. The moderation process may last up to 30 days.”

Additionally, if your gig(s) were created more than 30 days ago the message says:

“… please contact a support agent using the link below.”.


ya i understand what what you say …but after 45 days later it still the same problem…and same message shown …as before i tell i also contact support team they say open a new one but still same problem…

@trends_expert, let’s start from the beginning. How many Gigs have you created and how many days have past for each one since they were submited to moderation?

i have face no problem in my other gigs and just this gigs face problem of this moderation issue…and this gig past 45 days …

And the Gig(s) is/are about…???

If you gave as much information as possible, it would be easier. Don’t you think? :wink:

i have been facing the same problem for 5 months and dont know the solution