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My gig is not in the list 😒 Help!

Hi !!

I searched my gig using the tags I used in my gig & filter the gigs by country. But my gig is not there. :pensive: What will be the reason ?

Do the same thing to search my another gig. It appears in the list according to the key words

Thank You !!


Try searching using the gig title key words. Yours would be:

codeigniter web application developer

Put that into the search box.

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Thanks for the reply !! Title is

Be codeigniter web application developer

It not showing for that also :face_with_thermometer:

don’t put “be” in there.

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Same result for the ‘‘codeigniter web application developer’’ search also

Contact customer support they will help you to solve this problem.

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:star_struck: Thank you for the advice !!

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